CLOs on the Move

Thirty years ago, Avid got started by breaking new ground to reimagine content creation. Our revolutionary nonlinear editor was the first to digitize video content. It redefined the media industry and is still the gold standard. Today, Avid is reimagining the entire media value chain with powerful platforms for creating, managing, storing, distributing and monetizing film, television and music. Our open tools and platforms empower more than a million users and thousands of media enterprises to tell powerful stories and build better businesses. With enhanced collaboration, advanced automation, end-to-end integration and workflow orchestration, Avid today is uniquely helping aspiring artists, creative professionals, ...
  • Number of Employees: 1K-10K
  • Annual Revenue: $500M-1 Billion
  • 65-75 Network Drive
    Burlington, MA USA 01803
  • Phone: 978-640-6789


Name Title Contact Details
Alessandra Melloni
Vice President and General Counsel Profile
Jason Duva
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Profile
Jeffrey Sachs
General Counsel Profile
Kate Rickards
General Counsel Profile
Laurie Churchill
Assistant General Counsel Profile

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