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Ideal Concrete Inc

Ideal Concrete Inc is a Buffalo, NY-based company in the Energy and Utilities sector.
  • Number of Employees: 25-100
  • Annual Revenue: $1-10 Million


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Propell Technologies Group through its wholly owned subsidiary Novas Energy USA, is the exclusive U.S. licensee of the Plasma Pulse enhanced oil recovery (EOR) well treatment technology that improves production cost effectively without acidization, hydrofracking or other chemicals. It develops and commercializes treatment and stimulation of oil wells to meaningfully improve production and enhance the recovery of oil and gas in existing wells.  

Mudlogging Co

Mudlogging Co is a Houston, TX-based company in the Energy & Utilities sector.

Star-seal of Florida Inc

Star-seal of Florida Inc is a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based company in the Energy and Utilities sector.


Mudsmith`s Pitless Pad Drilling System is completely self-contained, requiring no additional rentals, and no air, electrical power, or labor borrowed from the drilling rig. Mudsmith even provides the vacuum trucks for hauling in all drilling fluids, and hauling away all drilling wastes, significantly reducing number of vendors required to drill a well.

Cardinal Energy

Cardinal Energy Ltd. is an oil focused Canadian company built to provide investors with sustainable yield and growth.  Management is focused on a disciplined growth plan, both financially and operationally, while providing a sustainable dividend to its Shareholders.