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MRI Software

MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions. MRI`s comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of real estate businesses—from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets. A pioneer of the real estate software industry, MRI develops lasting client relationships based on nearly five decades of expertise and insight. Through leading solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI liberates real estate companies to elevate their business and gain a competitive edge.
  • Number of Employees: 250-1000
  • Annual Revenue: $250-500 Million


Name Title Contact Details
Georgia Yanchar
General Counsel Profile
Steven Golden
Associate General Counsel Profile
Anna DeSatnik
Associate General Counsel Profile
Hal Gunder
Vice President, Agent Solutions NA and Deputy General Counsel Profile
John Ensign
President and Chief Legal Officer Profile

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