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Oseberg redeems the Information Age`s promises to the oil and gas industry with the products, services and core technologies we create. Where most see paperwork and headaches, we see untapped reserves. Where most focus on the headlines, we drill deep into the filings and surface the value buried within. Where most sense chaos, we distill patterns, spot correlations, and divine the future.
  • Number of Employees: 25-100
  • Annual Revenue: $0-1 Million
  • 12 E california avenue Suite 200
    Oklahama City, OK USA 73104
  • Phone: 405.415.7754


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SeekOps provides end-to-end gas emissions inspection operations to oil and gas customers. These services utilize SeekOps` proprietary sensor technology and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) deployment. SeekOps services help customers maximize Health Safety Environment (HSE), enhance asset integrity programs, and preserve valuable product. Efficient source detection, localization, and quantification provides unique commercial capabilities for rapid and efficient leak detection with an efficiency five times greater than existing methods. SeekOps handheld and fixed gas sensors are one thousand times more sensitive than competing miniature technologies. These commercial versions are currently being piloted in upstream and downstream environments. SeekOps provides effective solutions for natural gas detection needs to benefit both large and small companies.