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Prince WIlliam Pubic Schools

Prince WIlliam Pubic Schools is a Manassas, VA-based company in the Government sector.
  • Number of Employees: 50K-100K
  • Annual Revenue: $500M-1 Billion


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OFC OF STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS is a Washington, DC-based company in the Government sector.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture continues to be a partner with industry as well as protector of consumers.

Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services

The mission of the Department of Enterprise Technology Services is to establish and refine an information technology structure, which increases the ability of State agencies to deliver quality cost effective services to the citizens of Wyoming. ETS employs close to 300 employees, which are located across the state. The main office is located in the Emerson Building in Cheyenne. There are also employees located throughout the Capitol Complex.

Green Mountain Care Board

The Green Mountain Care Board, created by the Vermont Legislature in 2011, is working to ensure that our health care system provides quality, affordable health care to all Vermonters while reducing waste and controlling costs. The Legislature assigned the GMCB three main responsibilities: regulation, innovation, and evaluation. The GMCB regulates not only health insurance rates, but also hospital budgets, Accountable Care Organizations, and major capital expenditures. The Board also innovates, testing new ways to pay for and deliver health care as part of its role in building a new system. Finally, the Board evaluates innovation projects, proposals for what benefits should be included in Vermont`s new health system, proposals for funding the new system, and the effect of the new system on Vermont`s economy. Throughout all of the Board`s work, the Board consistently works closely with Vermont health care providers and health care consumers to enhance health system transparency and consumer involvement.


DB-Net, Inc. is a Howard, OH-based company in the Government sector.