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Wendy Simon-Pearson
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Quandl is a data platform. Our mission is to make all the numerical data in the world available on a single website. Quandl currently offers free and unlimited access to over 10 million open datasets from 500 publishers. Premium subscribers get access to an additional 1 million premium datasets through our data marketplace. All data on Quandl is instantly availabe via our website, our API, and our libraries for Excel, Python, R, Matlab and more. Quandl makes it easy for data users to get the data they need in the format they want.

Cinarra Systems

Cinarra is a technology startup that is changing the economics of the mobile industry by redefining the role of the network operators and over-the-top platforms. Cinarra`s analytics technologies and mediation platform uncover the values previously unknown and open doors between industries that have never worked together before.

Forward Intentions Group

Forward Intentions Group is a firm specifically equipped in Career Transition representing both organizations and individuals.


LeanBox is a technology enabled fresh food and beverage service for the workplace.