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Spark Networks

At Spark Networks, our mission is to create iconic, niche-focused brands that build and strengthen the communities they serve. We are a leading provider of community-focused services, including online personals communities for single adults that offer convenient and safe places to meet and, as a result, a unique opportunity to make special connections they may not have otherwise made. Many of these connections lead to long term relationships and—quite often—marriage. Our first community, JDate®, was established in a West Los Angeles condominium in 1997. We are proud to say JDate has become the leading online community for Jewish singles and ...
  • Number of Employees: 100-250
  • Annual Revenue: $10-50 Million
  • 11150 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 600
    Los Angeles, CA USA 90025
  • Phone: 310.893.0550


Name Title Contact Details
Joshua Kreinberg
General Counsel Profile
Josh Kreinberg
General Counsel Profile
Sarah Egdal
Associate General Counsel Profile

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